– John Q.

I came in for my 6-month cleaning and x-rays. The professionalism, quality of service, and friendly staff really stand out. I would recommend Mill Bay 500%. It’s a great experience with quality, kind, friendly, confident staff. I’m extremely happy!

June 21, 2017

A Great Team from Front to Back — Gareth B.

A dental practise is always tough to rate, let us be honest who loves going to the dentist! You guys make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. The professionalism shown by all your team members is to be commended.

May 11, 2016

– Sharon V.

Was a very long wait to get in for my appointment. Staff is always very nice, but dentists are not very good at explaining what they are doing. Sometimes I don’t feel like they care about me at all – they don’t talk much. My husband has never seen the face of his dentist. She doesn’t remove her mask!

February 11, 2016


Keep your services as individualized as possible: teeth are not all the same, people are not either whatever their age may be, perfect teeth may not be a priority if painless comfort can be achieved in other ways.

January 23, 2016


I had a 2:10 appointment time, and was brought in to the back at about 3 or 3:05. People who arrived after me were brought back before me, but the receptionist took the initiative to explain to me that they had very short post op checks and my appointment was an hour and a half. I appreciated that, but I did feel the long wait was a real stretch for me and my patience:) About costs…Dr. Sally charged the “going rate” and I have heard from a neighbor that your office is owned by a corporation and that your charges are very high. Of course, this is gossip, but I would like to know more about this. I’m having to pay out of my pocket for all dental care now, having recently retired, so the cost is a concern. I do believe you should be well compensated for the fine work you do, but cost is a factor whether I like it or not! 🙂 Having said all this, I want to compliment you on the excellent dental care that I have received at your office. I feel that Dr. M. always explains everything

Nov 17, 2015

– Sherri D.

All the staff are great and make us feel welcome and comfortable during our visits and are getting to know our family! You guys are awesome !!!

Nov 4, 2015


Amanda was great, very friendly.

Oct 5, 2015

– Jim J.

The staff is very courteous and helpful

Sep 10, 2015

– David P.

I find all the staff friendly and competent. I enjoy my visits!

Sep 10, 2015


I liked how Jordan listened and understood my situation. I felt she was very empathetic and truly understood my pain level. Sandy is wonderful –so empathetic, thorough and professional. Both ladies are an asset to the office. Steven –what can I say — Bubbles at his best. 🙂 You listen, explain all options well, and are thorough. Sometimes, Steven, the simpler reason behind a problem is the easiest route and solution. ~Kathy Chilcott

Jul 17, 2015


Amanda, the hygienist, was extremely cheerful, competent and explained everything she was doing along the way.

May 23, 2015


Great visit, thanks. John

May 8, 2015


Better time management I don’t think that it should have taken one hour. Doctor says be back in one minute back in 15 to 20? I understand u have growing pains and I hope it gets better

Apr 30, 2015


Sandy was qualified, professional, and thorough. I was disappointed that all of the staff was new to me. Why had all left? I had heard the rumour that the firm that bought Mill Bay dental was interested in finances mainly; this might mean a younger staff earning less than the previously established group. I was used to a yearly examination by Dr. Stewart including a cleaning, X-rays if needed, and not expensive remediations (although I did have a $10,000 implant recommendation and followup in Victoria 3 or 4 years ago). In place of the yearly visit I was to have a two or three visits per year. So why am I concerned and have scheduled a visit with a dentist new to me in April? The firm that bought Mill Bay dental also bought a dental office in Duncan; in Duncan the office staff is new, and younger, and appointments are more frequent and expensive in nature. The new to me Mill Bay staff is probably what I should have. But I won’t know until I have a second opinion.

Mar 19, 2015


Overall, I am very pleased with the services offered and performed

Mar 9, 2015

– Joseph Willard K.

I would like to thank Sandy for the great job she did and for explaining clearly the problem areas. I am a nervous patient and with Sandy I was fine. Please note that Joseph’s middle name is Willard and last name is Kitzler

Mar 9, 2015

– Cathy A.

Everything went great with my first visit.

Mar 9, 2015


Dr Michaluk told me I had some kind of an overgrowth(?) of cells under my tongue. He told me there was nothing to worry about and gave these cells a name. I believe him that they are nothing to worry about but I wish I had the name of these cells. I realize I can phone and ask for the name or get it the next time I see him but it would have been helpful to have the name written down on my next appointment card. This was my first visit and it is too soon to tell if I am going to be happy.

Mar 9, 2015

– Leonado O.

Very happy overall. No complaints or suggestions

May 11, 2016

Amazing!  — Kelsey F.

Dr. Michaluk and everyone at Mill Bay Dental are amazing! ! I can’t say enough good things about you. I am always impressed by your friendliness, professionalism and expertise. Just a wonderful experience every time. .and who can say that about their dentists?? 🙂 Thanks for being awesome at what you do!

Feb 3, 2016

Multiple Dental Services — KEN C.

I have had a great deal of work done this year and it is convenient to have all the different aspects be done in Mill Bay. I used to have to go to Victoria for surgery. The waiting times (between scheduled and actual) have improved significantly. Thanks

Dec 19, 2015

– Mark R.

reminders promised pre-appt. were not kept. I chastised both receptionists for this, as I have a bad memory. I hate to pay for appts I forget to keep and need to be reminded the same day…. thanks

Nov 12, 2015


Don’t take any more teeth out!

Oct 5, 2015


I can’t remember her name. She took the pictures of my teeth and set me up in the chair. She’s been there forever. She’s so awesome !!! Seriously remembers everything even my dog ( who she knows is special to me) Just makes you feel so welcome
Oct 3, 2015

– Jody B.

My visit was very pleasant and relaxing. The extraction was virtually painless and have had no complications since. I am very pleased.

Sep 9, 2015


I was under the impression that you were open on Saturdays,as It was to my surprise you don’t open Saturdays no longer. I work Monday to Friday till 5:00pm I now have to take a loss in wages so that I can make my appointments.

Aug 3, 2015

– Robert S.

My recent visit have been by far the best dental experiences of my life. Although Sally was great, and we got along well, your improvements to the practice are excellent. For the first time, I feel like my teeth are actually being cared for effectively, and I have the information I need to do my part. Thanks, Rob 250-743-5519

Jun 3, 2015


Sandy the Hygienist is absolutely awesome! She really seems to care, and takes time to explain things for me. Same with Steve, who I’ve met once keep up the good work. By the way, the only reason I had to wait last time is because she squeezed me in on short notice at my request. Normally, they are right on time. Thanks.

May 21, 2015

crown — LAURA C.

When I came in for this appointment I thought I was getting my crown and fitted for my night guard. I then found out that this was just a temporary crown and I would have to come back around 10days later to get the permanent onR and at that time they would fit for the night guard. which caused me to take more time off. I wish I had known it would take two visits to get the crown so I could have let my boss know.

Mar 9, 2015


I arrived on my scheduled appointment to find that Sally no longer was there and someone totally different was. I would have liked to have had some type of announcement of the new changes prior to my appointment. I then would have had the option of changing dentists. Once meeting all of the new staff (and of course Janice too,)I am now okay with the new surroundings, and new people. The only other thing that I would respectively suggest would be a different type of Accounting Form. The method currently used, I find, very difficult to understand. Having said that though, I have received explanation of the forms used, by the nice young women in the front office. I am a senior citizen and my memory is not what it used to be. It was really nice to have young ladies try to explain things. Other than those two things, Welcome to Mill Bay.

May 5, 2015

– Maureen G.

thank you for making sure I was able to get in on a Friday late afternoon for my dental problem!

Mar 22, 2015

– Danny A.

I appreciate the fact your open on Saturdays, it fits my needs.

Mar 11, 2015

– Vicki T.

Had some great laughs…. its a great atmosphere to come to.

Mar 9, 2015

– William T.

I asked for a quote for a crown and an extra cleaning, that I am told is required, including my insurer coverage, so that I would know how much I would be paying on my next visit. This quote was to be e-mailed to me, but I am still waiting! Bill

Mar 9, 2015

– William W.

Put a t.v. in the rooms for teeth cleaning (with ear phnes ) so we can watch the stock market and or news. I know it is difficult but my Dentist in Beverly Hills did it and there is already cable in the building.

Mar 9, 2015

– Jayne G.

Wonderful service my Husband and I both would recommend you guys. Great service we are very happy to have found our family dentist

Mar 9, 2015

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